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Muddle and Mint

Green Tea Mint

Green Tea Mint

Green Tea Mint non-carbonated mocktail is a refreshing dance of muddled mint, green tea, lime juice, vanilla and orange blossom water.



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How to Drink

Drink straight from the can, pour over ice, or pair with your favorite spirit - alcoholic or alcohol free.

Refrigerate after opening to keep fresh and ensure safety.


Beverage // Gin, Mezcal, Rum, Tequila, or Vodka

Food // Salad, Seafood, or heavier foods


Water, Sugar, Natural Flavor, Lime Juice Concentrate, Green Tea Extract, Spice and Coloring


Single serve 8 oz cans come in a 4 pack and each can can be a single mocktail or you can make two cocktails.

Bottle is 32 oz and makes 8-10 cocktails.

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