Try our alcohol free drinks for adventurous cocktail lovers

At Per Se, we craft sophisticated alcohol free drinks that invite you to slow down, sip, and savor. Our drinks use familiar ingredients and elevated flavor combinations to offer an uncompromising choice for any drinking occasion. 

  • No booze.

    These drinks are 100% alcohol free. There is no alcohol. Nada. Zilch. Understanding what you are drinking is always important. You can rest assured that drinking Per Se means you are meeting your zero alcohol needs.

  • No bar.

    You can enjoy your favorite classic cocktail and skip the bar. These drinks provide an uncompromising experience from the appearance to the flavor and finish. Grab a can for a sophisticated alcohol free craft cocktail, no bar needed.

  • No bull.

    Per Se drinks are all natural with half the sugar of soda and similar carbs as non-alcoholic beer and wine. We use familiar ingredients like tea, juice, fruit, and herbs that result in sophisticated adult alcohol free drinks to sip and savor.