About Us

Welcome to Per Se, where we believe in a life without compromise. Our founder, Hally, understands the desire to drink less while still cherishing the moments that truly matter. As someone who drinks infrequently herself, she created Per Se to ensure that choosing to drink less doesn't mean choosing to enjoy less.

Saying farewell to alcohol shouldn’t mean compromising on flavor. At Per Se, we're all about damn good adult beverages that just so happen to be alcohol-free. Evolving from our award-winning days as Muddle and Mint, we've learned from our successes and challenges to create a brand that embodies our values and mission. We are here to shake up the drinking scene.

We reimagine your favorite drinks without alcohol, using familiar ingredients and elevated combinations that deliver incredible flavor. Our canned mocktails offer grab-and-go convenience and are the perfect addition wherever you are.

We believe in supporting how people show up, whether it's for a moment, a season, or a lifetime. Not everyone wants or can have alcohol, and that's okay. In fact, nearly 40% of Americans don't drink, and 34% want to drink less this year. 

That's why we offer a diverse range of choices for any drinking occasion. Per Se is more than just drinks; it's an environment where diverse tastes and preferences are celebrated. Indulge in our alcohol-free cocktails that encourage you to slow down, sip, and savor every moment. 

Cheers to life without compromise!