Ok, Bloomer

Ok, Bloomer

Ok, Bloomer is a delicious dance of hibiscus and bourbon. Crooked Water Spirits Kings Point Bourdon is aged in port casks. The process results in a silky soft, rich finish. The rich vanilla flavor pairs well with Hibiscus Sage for an easy, elevated cocktail.

Make an easy mocktail using your preferred NA bourbon or a strong black tea (two tea bags in 10 oz steeped until cooled).

Crooked Water Spirits is a women-owned business based in the Twin Cities. Founder Heather Manley has a passion for for spirits and innovation and discerning tastes. 

Twin Cities folks can try Ok, Bloomer at the following tastings:

Recipe: Ok, Bloomer 

Combine 3 oz Hibiscus Sage with 1.5 oz Kings Point Bourbon in a glass. Add a large ice cube and stir to chill. Garnish with a cocktail cherry. 


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